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Trial Hour Available

I offer a trial hour for my new students looking to start their learning journey at a slightly reduced rate, as I feel it is important that the student feels comfortable with me before they embark on the journey of learning to drive.

Full Licence Holder Refresher Lessons

Have you not driven for a while or had a negative experience behind the wheel which has knocked your confidence? Or maybe you never felt comfortable behind the wheel and have avoided driving, but now need to drive? Refresher lessons are available.

Motorway Training

Feel that you have less confidence on the motorway? Or want to have a motorway lesson in your car after passing your test? Motorway lessons are available.

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If you’re a learner or full driving license holder, we provide tuition adapted to fit your needs. Maybe you need support to pass your theory or Hazard perception test? Or you’re looking to refresh your driving skills or improve in certain areas. 

Experienced in coaching students with Dyslexia and other learning difficulties. If you are on medication or/and have been diagnosed with a condition that may affect your ability to drive it is important that I am made aware of this for insurance purposes, and to enable me to adapt my teaching style to your specific needs.

If you struggle to concentrate; focus it is imperative that I am made aware of this to ensure that your journey to become a full license holder is safe and enjoyable. The relationship between student and instructor needs to be an open and honest one.

Friendly female driving instructor

Grade A, Fully Qualified Lady Driving Instructor based in Hook Hampshire, focused on you and your driving needs. If you are learning from scratch or looking to improve in certain areas I have over 20 years of experience in coaching and training/ mentoring individuals to achieve their goal, so have the required tools to get you to achieve what you are looking for.

  • AA Trained Grade A
  • Lady Driving Instructor
  • Trial Lesson
  • Drive with Confidence
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